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Questions and Answers

Q: What are the benefits of using an Trailing Shield®?

A: There are several reasons, some of which are:

  1. The chance of a weld defect is dramatically reduced due to the wide gas coverage held over the weld for a longer period during welding, while the heated metal is cooling below the oxidation temperature.
  2. Welds are finished in a bright and shiny condition, minimising or eliminating post weld grinding and cleaning.
  3. The heat affected zones of a weld are left clean when using an Trailing Shield® because of the extra wide gas coverage.
  4. Welders can weld faster because of the extra time that the weld remains covered with inert gas when using an Trailing Shield®.
  5. Significant reduction of manufacturing costs due to the reduction of post weld cleaning and the reduction of defects when using an Trailing Shield®.

Q: Can I use TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield®for stainless steel as well as titanium?

A: Yes, Trailing Shield® are valuable accessories for all stainless steel, duplex steel and other alloy steel as well as titanium and all of the nickel and cobalt alloys.

Q: Can I weld faster?

A: Yes, you may increase the heat input and weld over 200% faster with TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® 2.0™. Increased heat input implies increased welding productivity and still have a silver bright weldment surface. 

Q: Do I only get oxide free welds?

A: Yes, by using TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® the high temperature oxidation problem is solved. You get bright, shiny, oxide free welds – every time.

Q: Can TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® be used on any welding torch?

A: Yes, TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® are designed and delivered with a universal butterfly clamp that will open and close around any shield gas nozzle on any TIG (GTAW), MIG (GMAW) or Plasma (PAW) manual or machine torch.

Q: Does this mean less rework?

A: Yes, Trailing Shield® 2.0™ eliminates the need for post-weld wire brushing or pickling to remove oxidation.

Q: Can I weld on the outside of pipes and vessels with Trailing Shield®?

A: Yes, Trailing Shield® are kept in stock for all sizes of pipes. Simply tell us the diameter of your pipe and we will provide an exact match.

Q: Can I weld on the inside of pipes and vessels with Trailing Shield®?

A: Yes, we manufacture the Trailing Shield® (2.0™ | ID) with an internal radius to suit the exact diameter of the weld being made.

Q: What is the temperature endurance of the shield gaskets?

A: The side shield gaskets are made of silicon rubber, which is temperature resistant up to 230ºC (392ºF). These are low cost, consumable items and once burnt, can be replaced.

Q: Is it easy to learn to use?

A: Yes, the TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® is so easy to use that even people who have not welded much will get oxide free welds. The challenge for any welding operation is to make the weld the same each time. With TiTech PRO™ - Trailing Shield® 2.0™ this is easy.

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